Monday, 26 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Christmas! My favourite time of year!

So, this year I was blessed with my sister coming down from Manchester for the holiday, which I was worried about. It was fantastic to have the family together for the holiday. It isn't Christmas without family.

Another great part of Christmas, which I know I shouldn't love so much, is the gifts. This was the first year I was truly excited about buying presents for others. For years I have bought gifts with my Mums money, so she was always aware of my gifts, and even my one for her, but this year it was a mystery which I think was nice for her after years of knowing most of her presents. It was nice too to be able to get surprises for people. A nice change!

I also did get an excellent set of presents myself. Which is great!

My biggest present, expense wise as opposed to size wise, was an iPod touch! I knew about the present and I even paid to get the memory bumped up to 32gb. My entire family helped pay for it. It is fantastic! I squee every once in a awhile when I remember I am on an iPod touch! And it's mine! The device is fantastic! Elegant, aesthetically pleasing, fast and diverse. And that's just the owner! The capabilities of the device are beyond what I expected. It was easy to set u p and the apps are good and easy to use. And with Internet access, emails, Facebook, twitter, tumblr, blogger (this is how I'm writing this), and countless other things in one place, the iPod touch has quickly become the hub for all my Internet activities. An incredibly useful gadget. I can feel my life and habits changing around it already. I have also attached two images of my Christmassy iPod for you.

I will add more gifts later to this list.

Thank you for reading!