Monday, 26 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Christmas! My favourite time of year!

So, this year I was blessed with my sister coming down from Manchester for the holiday, which I was worried about. It was fantastic to have the family together for the holiday. It isn't Christmas without family.

Another great part of Christmas, which I know I shouldn't love so much, is the gifts. This was the first year I was truly excited about buying presents for others. For years I have bought gifts with my Mums money, so she was always aware of my gifts, and even my one for her, but this year it was a mystery which I think was nice for her after years of knowing most of her presents. It was nice too to be able to get surprises for people. A nice change!

I also did get an excellent set of presents myself. Which is great!

My biggest present, expense wise as opposed to size wise, was an iPod touch! I knew about the present and I even paid to get the memory bumped up to 32gb. My entire family helped pay for it. It is fantastic! I squee every once in a awhile when I remember I am on an iPod touch! And it's mine! The device is fantastic! Elegant, aesthetically pleasing, fast and diverse. And that's just the owner! The capabilities of the device are beyond what I expected. It was easy to set u p and the apps are good and easy to use. And with Internet access, emails, Facebook, twitter, tumblr, blogger (this is how I'm writing this), and countless other things in one place, the iPod touch has quickly become the hub for all my Internet activities. An incredibly useful gadget. I can feel my life and habits changing around it already. I have also attached two images of my Christmassy iPod for you.

I will add more gifts later to this list.

Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

New post, New banner

That's right. Your first thoughts were correctamundo. That is a new banner.

It contains a TARDIS 3d model I acquired at Renderosity. It's one of the best looking TARDIS models I've seen. And that Dalek... is my own! That's right! My own entire creation. A weird custom Dalek. Cool huh?

Monday, 28 March 2011

Doctor Who on YouTube ahoy!

Right. Doctor Who on YouTube ahoy here. Firstly, I mentioned before about my 8-bit sprites for Doctor Who  and me making game for them so this is what I've got so far...

And here is...

The Doctor Who trailer for series 1 with Chrissy Ecc! How cool is that?

Another thing, here is a trailer for Doctor Who series 1 - 5 that some fans have made. I think its ace!
So that's all for today I think. If I think of anything new I will be sure to edit!

EDIT: One clip, this time from Adventure Time! The dog is Jake and the kid is Finn. You can guess Rainicorn.

Lady Rainicorns Translator.
(Yes, that is the voice of Bender from Futurama)

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The "Code of the Krillitanes" - Review

Another review, this time of the book, Code of the Krillitanes. This book, by Justin Richards, is a quick read so I managed to finish is in one day. I read quite a bit. The story has the same creatures from the series two episode  "School Reunion". The plot, at first, followed the same basis of School Reunion for some time. I.E. Krillitane using there oils (Blek!) to make kids smart to get something. Apart from that, the story is different. There is no Sarah Jane or school. There is one interesting aspect which should have been focused upon more. In this, the Doctor joins the corporation behind the "Brainy Crisps", I.E. the fried food which makes people smart, and gets his own office. Basically, he lives office life which no doubt could have been interesting if this were an episode or a full length book. The ending is interesting and there plan is different from School Reunion. I enjoyed the ending, especially the modified Krillitane. All in all, its and OK book. Not the best, but its only a quick read so...

2.5 out of 5!

Next up, Autonomy!

In other news, I am watching Doctor Who from the beginning of new series. I've finished Chris and have begun Dave. I am watching The Satan Pit at the moment. I decided to watch these after getting loads of box-sets for Christmas. Unfortunately, I don't have Series 5 so I may have to skip that. 

Sunday, 9 January 2011

The Writers Tale: The Final Chapter - Review

Well I say! Look at this! In my search through the dusty old archives of the Blog I've discovered this review of the Writers Tale: the Final Chapter unpublished! Oh dear! Still, problem solved now!

It's a review. I review now. Reviewing is cool...

Right. Firstly, what's the book about? Well, it's the detailed accounts of emails between Doctor Who head writer Russell T Davies and Journalist Benjamin Cook. Or Benjamino as Russell occasionally calls him. The book starts off after the series three has been written, I.E the series with Martha and the Master (He's on the cover you know). It covers Russell's views on various aspects of his position as Executive Producer. It covers writing episodes to award ceremonies and every bit in between. I found the book incredibly interesting due to my dream of being head writer of Doctor Who. Luckily for me, this book contained every detail about the job. Writing episodes, meeting cast, dealing with press etc. All of which, is useful! Also, it contains script extracts from original drafts of episodes that couldn't be made. Including the original Shadow Proclamation from The Stolen Earth, and the original Masters in The End of Time Part Two. This is definitely what I read for. They also go into detail about Russell favourite failed companion, Penny Carter. Who would have accompanied the Doctor during series 4. Interesting!

So, the book is great for all Doctor Who fans and wannabe writers.

Flaws of the book can be simply how big it is and some times how it just seems to drag on. The occasional script extracts and Behind-the-Scenes photos are the things I ended up thinking of the most because they were the most interesting aspects. Others were good, they were just repeated to often. Sorry Russ!

Another flaw, the mentioning of sexual themes in the book. The book should be about Writing, Doctor Who and Russells dealing with these. Having him constantly referring to these is a bit.....uncalled for. I didn't pick up the book to read Russell saying "If I was invisible in Cornwall with Maria's (Jackson from Sarah Jane Adventures) dad I know what I would be doing" or "Russell Tovey's boyfriend is here, there goes my hopes for a dream evening". All subtle, yet still....Distracting. Sorry again! :)

So yes! Bar those Hiccups, it is an excellent read especially for any Doctor Who fan. 

3.5 out of 5!

I'll be review The New Series Quick Read, "The Code of the Krillitanes" next!

You see? This one covered the first review and then there would be the Code of the Krillitanes. Oh well!

Reposted on 15/05/2012.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

New Year, New Me!

Well, I'm back! Although it will probably be only temporary. Knowing me... Might redesign I suppose. But I forgot how....