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The Writers Tale: The Final Chapter - Review

Well I say! Look at this! In my search through the dusty old archives of the Blog I've discovered this review of the Writers Tale: the Final Chapter unpublished! Oh dear! Still, problem solved now!

It's a review. I review now. Reviewing is cool...

Right. Firstly, what's the book about? Well, it's the detailed accounts of emails between Doctor Who head writer Russell T Davies and Journalist Benjamin Cook. Or Benjamino as Russell occasionally calls him. The book starts off after the series three has been written, I.E the series with Martha and the Master (He's on the cover you know). It covers Russell's views on various aspects of his position as Executive Producer. It covers writing episodes to award ceremonies and every bit in between. I found the book incredibly interesting due to my dream of being head writer of Doctor Who. Luckily for me, this book contained every detail about the job. Writing episodes, meeting cast, dealing with press etc. All of which, is useful! Also, it contains script extracts from original drafts of episodes that couldn't be made. Including the original Shadow Proclamation from The Stolen Earth, and the original Masters in The End of Time Part Two. This is definitely what I read for. They also go into detail about Russell favourite failed companion, Penny Carter. Who would have accompanied the Doctor during series 4. Interesting!

So, the book is great for all Doctor Who fans and wannabe writers.

Flaws of the book can be simply how big it is and some times how it just seems to drag on. The occasional script extracts and Behind-the-Scenes photos are the things I ended up thinking of the most because they were the most interesting aspects. Others were good, they were just repeated to often. Sorry Russ!

Another flaw, the mentioning of sexual themes in the book. The book should be about Writing, Doctor Who and Russells dealing with these. Having him constantly referring to these is a bit.....uncalled for. I didn't pick up the book to read Russell saying "If I was invisible in Cornwall with Maria's (Jackson from Sarah Jane Adventures) dad I know what I would be doing" or "Russell Tovey's boyfriend is here, there goes my hopes for a dream evening". All subtle, yet still....Distracting. Sorry again! :)

So yes! Bar those Hiccups, it is an excellent read especially for any Doctor Who fan. 

3.5 out of 5!

I'll be review The New Series Quick Read, "The Code of the Krillitanes" next!

You see? This one covered the first review and then there would be the Code of the Krillitanes. Oh well!

Reposted on 15/05/2012.

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