Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Well, I made this cartoony pic of both 10 and 11. Enjoy.
Laugh all you want, I tried.

Friday, 8 October 2010


Whoa! I've been absent for ages! Sorry People!

Now, I may redesign the blog and start blogging anew. Just as somewhere to talk and to think i'm the most important person in the world.

What have I been doing recently? Well I've been back at college. This is a tiring job due to the fact my timetable is fluctuating more than a fluctuating thing. Some days I go in late and come home early, others I go in early and come home late. Nightmare!

In other news, I've slowed down on the old Lego Doctor Who thing. And now i'm into funky fruit hats!!! No, not really. I'm still into 3D. Making Daleks and making them battle Cybermen is still a pass time. However, it always seems to become more and more of a chore. I can never settle down and get creating. Well, I can create scenes, but making models is hard work. By computer can only run my modeling software in safe mode and my rendering software in normal mode. For non-nerds, I have to keep turning it on and off.

I have been working alot in Paint.Net too. This is a free photo editing software that allows me to make many a fine pictures. I shall post examples.

These show:
1. Lasers
2. Dalek Vision
3. Planets

That planet is actually the planet Skaro off of Doctor Who. I made the texture myself and im very pleased with it.

I'm sure theres more stuff I can update, but for now I shall update the design of the blog.


Friday, 6 August 2010

Second post of the Day!

I have been putting off doing maths revision for at least a week now but I finally revised today. I started the chain rule and when I read the first page I wept at how complicated it was. (Figure of speech. I didn't really cry). But then I went to youtube and they had a tutorial on it and it was actually really easy. You just need to ignore the way they do it in the text book and then learn this way and its easy. God bless you MathsTv!

i've recovered the original post! This one has more detail though.

Well, i've been on Spore:Galactic Adventures a lot recently and have come up with an Adventure idea which I have been developing (Because all my others were HUGE success (That would be sarcasm)) . It is based around the idea of a remnant of a ancient races technology landing on a planet. They are called the Banaraxic from the Planet Banarax. They are Dreamsmiths and Telepathic masters. There wreaked ships Psionic engines go into overdrive overloading near by creatures with dream/hallucination like trances and images.

Here is a Banaraxic:

Maybe not the best picture but its all I've got. There are no Banaraxic in Mission, this will be the appearence of the ships hologram control system. (Blasted holograms!)

Here is a test of the set up:

So, theres the ship and theres the hologram Banaraxic.Those plants are going to be Telepathic plants that grow in cities due to the large amounts of people (And there telepathic fields). The plants would grow there as the ship is blasting out tonnes of Telepathic energy.

So thats it. (And my text has shifted into the middle somehow.)

I've been listening to "In the mood" by Glenn Miller alot recently. And have also realised if you smoosh Glenn Miller together you get Gillan. I.E Karen Gillan. A sign perhaps? No. Its just a coincedence.

Spore and other things

Right! So, i'm going to have to be quick because I wrote this post before but Blogger didn't want it and threw it out.

Now! Spore. I'm making a mission about a fragment of an ancient races technology landing on a planet. The race is the Banaraxic from the planet Banarax. They were DreamSmiths and Telepathic controllers and the part of there ship is going wrong. Its psionic drive has gone into.......well.........overdrive. This gives your captain in the advenures "Hallucinations". The captain will travel through various different set ups and locations to find out whats going on. After a while, he breaks free and battles the ships computer which is represented by a hologram (Blasted holograms!) Anyway, you win.

Here are two pictures. The first being of a Banaraxic and the second of a test of the crashed ship setup complete with hologram.

I've also been istening to "In the mood" by Glenn Miller alot recently. And I only recently realized his name smooshed down is Gillan, as in Karen Gillan (Although no A). Is it a sign? No, it's a coincedence

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Sonic Screwdriver Tragedy!

My Sonic Screwdriver broke! Not my 11th Doctor one but my custom, scrath rebuilt, RTD era one. Blast! I had just finally got batteries for it and now this. Curses!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Hurrah! Dunkankm has given me permission to republish his model in Daz 3d! Things are looking good now! I will post the file and videos when there up.

OK, the file is up and so is a video.

The file is up on Project Dalek forum

And heres the creators Youtube page:

Monday, 2 August 2010

Works in Progress

So far, my two projects have ended with two different results.

Ones a flop and ones a success.

The flop being my sevearl ideas of finding ways to export vehicles from Spore to Collada format. My tests failed as export from Vehcle mode did not work. However, I attempted to forceload a vehicle in creature mode and export it. However, it says it will only export when it has finished painting (?). So I thought that this was because it was absent of a body. So i attempted to create a creature Force load it in vehicle. Build a Vehcile around it, then export it to Creature again. I couldn't save it in vehicle mode so my plan failed. I will probably attempt again later.

My more successful task was to convert an NPD (New Paradigm Dalek) model from my old 3D software Anim8or. . Its an excellent freeware so give it a go if you can. Its a small file size and easy to use. To Daz3D studio. .  Another Freebie but larger and more complex. But still easier than Blender. Anyway, my plan was to import my NPD model into Daz3d and get it to work. I.E. Moving gun, dome, plunger etc. At first, it was jumbled up so I straightened it out and got the system working. Maybe not the way everybody is used too but it still works. I have now contacted the original creator and asked whether I can republish it for all Daz3D users. Hopefully he will agree!

P.S. I will post it on here and probably on Project dalek forum. This way I can download the models there which are useable only to people who have contributed a model. An extra prize! Or as they say, "Two birds with one stone".

P.S.S. Here is a picture of the NPD in DAZ3D
 The image is in HD, so be careful all people with dialup or whatever. However, this Dalek can also be seen in my Profile Picture to the right.

Now here is a nifty arrow. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

It won't be exactly there but it will be in that coloumn. Probably at the top.

P.S.S.S. Daz3D was recommended to me by 'famous' Dalek Designed/Builder/3Der Mechmaster. I say 'Famous' as he isn't famous, He's famous among fans. But he's a nice guy and i recommend going to his site and reading the Dalek Second empire (His comic about Daleks. Its set in an alternate timeline so Daleks have emotions and its quite funny).

Direct link to page 1.

What happened today

Well, I have recently been wondering around the neighbouring county of Dorset today and discovered it was packed with travellers. But now I am safe at home and can rest. Currently, I am listening to "Doctor Who at the Proms 2010" and writing my blog. Which you can tell. I have also been contemplating the idea of writing some of my Doctor Who episodes ideas together and creating a miniseries which I could post on here. I was attempting to write a series with an internet pal, Blacktear1992, however I could not concentrate at all with the writing. But I can now write at my own pace on the blog. Hurray!

The song i enjoy the most at the Doctor who Proms is found at this link.

It is entitled "This is Gallifrey" and "Vale Decem".
There are crowd cheers in the background in this perticular version as it is at the Proms and various clips of previous Doctors regeneration sequences were shown which caused great cheer.

"This is Gallifrey" is the theme of Gallifrey. The homeplanet of the Timelords in the system of Kasterborous which was destroyed during the last great time war. This theme is used when the Doctor or the Master. (David Tennant and John Simm) remember it. It was also used during the scenes with Rassilion and the other members of the Timelord council in "The End of time part deux".

"Vale Decem" (Pronounced Val- eh dee-Chem) is the song played during David Tennants regeneration scene. It translates as "Farewell Ten" from Latin. :( Sad.

Sunday, 1 August 2010


Hello, right okay. New blog. Should be good. Haven't quite got the hang of it yet. Now, as you can see, my Banner is a tad too big. No matter! I will sort it out soon.

Now, to the important stuff. What is this blog about?


Basically, and all the misadventures i get up to! However, i don't get in any so its just about me and my likes and maybe dislikes.

One of these things will be Doctor Who. The best show in the history of creation. And i've watched 24! Anyway, i enjoy Doctor Who (maybe worship is a better word), and as you can tell by the oversized banner and the title. The title being Jelly Baby? written in classic Dalek font next to a Dalek and the TARDIS. Now, if you want to know something about Doctor Who, i'm your man. But only in universe stuff. I, for the life of me, could not tell you how old David Tennant is. Or was when he was the Doctor. However i could tell you in depth how the Timelord "Eye of Harmony" was created.

Anywho, i have managed to get my banner to work. So no need to fear! (As i sure was) It is all sorted now and you probably would not even have seen the original. Whoopie!