Monday, 2 August 2010

Works in Progress

So far, my two projects have ended with two different results.

Ones a flop and ones a success.

The flop being my sevearl ideas of finding ways to export vehicles from Spore to Collada format. My tests failed as export from Vehcle mode did not work. However, I attempted to forceload a vehicle in creature mode and export it. However, it says it will only export when it has finished painting (?). So I thought that this was because it was absent of a body. So i attempted to create a creature Force load it in vehicle. Build a Vehcile around it, then export it to Creature again. I couldn't save it in vehicle mode so my plan failed. I will probably attempt again later.

My more successful task was to convert an NPD (New Paradigm Dalek) model from my old 3D software Anim8or. . Its an excellent freeware so give it a go if you can. Its a small file size and easy to use. To Daz3D studio. .  Another Freebie but larger and more complex. But still easier than Blender. Anyway, my plan was to import my NPD model into Daz3d and get it to work. I.E. Moving gun, dome, plunger etc. At first, it was jumbled up so I straightened it out and got the system working. Maybe not the way everybody is used too but it still works. I have now contacted the original creator and asked whether I can republish it for all Daz3D users. Hopefully he will agree!

P.S. I will post it on here and probably on Project dalek forum. This way I can download the models there which are useable only to people who have contributed a model. An extra prize! Or as they say, "Two birds with one stone".

P.S.S. Here is a picture of the NPD in DAZ3D
 The image is in HD, so be careful all people with dialup or whatever. However, this Dalek can also be seen in my Profile Picture to the right.

Now here is a nifty arrow. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

It won't be exactly there but it will be in that coloumn. Probably at the top.

P.S.S.S. Daz3D was recommended to me by 'famous' Dalek Designed/Builder/3Der Mechmaster. I say 'Famous' as he isn't famous, He's famous among fans. But he's a nice guy and i recommend going to his site and reading the Dalek Second empire (His comic about Daleks. Its set in an alternate timeline so Daleks have emotions and its quite funny).

Direct link to page 1.

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