Friday, 6 August 2010

i've recovered the original post! This one has more detail though.

Well, i've been on Spore:Galactic Adventures a lot recently and have come up with an Adventure idea which I have been developing (Because all my others were HUGE success (That would be sarcasm)) . It is based around the idea of a remnant of a ancient races technology landing on a planet. They are called the Banaraxic from the Planet Banarax. They are Dreamsmiths and Telepathic masters. There wreaked ships Psionic engines go into overdrive overloading near by creatures with dream/hallucination like trances and images.

Here is a Banaraxic:

Maybe not the best picture but its all I've got. There are no Banaraxic in Mission, this will be the appearence of the ships hologram control system. (Blasted holograms!)

Here is a test of the set up:

So, theres the ship and theres the hologram Banaraxic.Those plants are going to be Telepathic plants that grow in cities due to the large amounts of people (And there telepathic fields). The plants would grow there as the ship is blasting out tonnes of Telepathic energy.

So thats it. (And my text has shifted into the middle somehow.)

I've been listening to "In the mood" by Glenn Miller alot recently. And have also realised if you smoosh Glenn Miller together you get Gillan. I.E Karen Gillan. A sign perhaps? No. Its just a coincedence.

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