Sunday, 1 August 2010


Hello, right okay. New blog. Should be good. Haven't quite got the hang of it yet. Now, as you can see, my Banner is a tad too big. No matter! I will sort it out soon.

Now, to the important stuff. What is this blog about?


Basically, and all the misadventures i get up to! However, i don't get in any so its just about me and my likes and maybe dislikes.

One of these things will be Doctor Who. The best show in the history of creation. And i've watched 24! Anyway, i enjoy Doctor Who (maybe worship is a better word), and as you can tell by the oversized banner and the title. The title being Jelly Baby? written in classic Dalek font next to a Dalek and the TARDIS. Now, if you want to know something about Doctor Who, i'm your man. But only in universe stuff. I, for the life of me, could not tell you how old David Tennant is. Or was when he was the Doctor. However i could tell you in depth how the Timelord "Eye of Harmony" was created.

Anywho, i have managed to get my banner to work. So no need to fear! (As i sure was) It is all sorted now and you probably would not even have seen the original. Whoopie!


  1. Have you seen all eight seasons of 24? Oh dear, so Jack Bauer does not compare to Dr Who. Who would have believed it!

  2. Well, we were watching series 1 but it just seemed to disappear off the radar and we never saw it again. Hint hint.

  3. Ooh. How was the Eye of Harmony created?

    By the way, David Tennant is 38, and he started playing the Doctor in 2005's The Parting Of The Ways (but officially in The Christmas Invasion). I read Doctor Who magaizne... it's strange, the things you learn from it. Well.. more absorb.

    Sorry. I have a tendency to ramble alot.

  4. It was created by Time Lords Rassilion and Omega in an attempt to create a power source capable of powering time travel and experiments to achieve it. The device used to create it was called the Hand of Omega but when they first tested it, Omega fell into the blackhole they had created and was trapped in an antimatter universe. Rassilion headed back to Gallifrey, leaving Omega trapped, and took all the glory. He later became President. Omega remained trapped, and angry that he was forgotten, vowed revenge.

    Nerdy isn't it?