Monday, 2 August 2010

What happened today

Well, I have recently been wondering around the neighbouring county of Dorset today and discovered it was packed with travellers. But now I am safe at home and can rest. Currently, I am listening to "Doctor Who at the Proms 2010" and writing my blog. Which you can tell. I have also been contemplating the idea of writing some of my Doctor Who episodes ideas together and creating a miniseries which I could post on here. I was attempting to write a series with an internet pal, Blacktear1992, however I could not concentrate at all with the writing. But I can now write at my own pace on the blog. Hurray!

The song i enjoy the most at the Doctor who Proms is found at this link.

It is entitled "This is Gallifrey" and "Vale Decem".
There are crowd cheers in the background in this perticular version as it is at the Proms and various clips of previous Doctors regeneration sequences were shown which caused great cheer.

"This is Gallifrey" is the theme of Gallifrey. The homeplanet of the Timelords in the system of Kasterborous which was destroyed during the last great time war. This theme is used when the Doctor or the Master. (David Tennant and John Simm) remember it. It was also used during the scenes with Rassilion and the other members of the Timelord council in "The End of time part deux".

"Vale Decem" (Pronounced Val- eh dee-Chem) is the song played during David Tennants regeneration scene. It translates as "Farewell Ten" from Latin. :( Sad.


  1. I know. I cried when the ooooooood said that they would sing the Dr through his regeneration. Sad times.

  2. Sad indeed. He shall never be forgotten.

    Its quite interesting to see what the words in the music actually mean in Latin. Thy reference. "The other one" alot. They expand on it later too "The other one of you".

    I don't know why i said that.

    Anyway, it's good to see they still remember him in the new series in the various flashbacks and clips. Although William Hartnell has appeared more times. Odd.

  3. Really, I wasn't aware of that. William Hartnell. I was never very keen on him. He always seemed a bit miserable to me.

  4. This Is Gallifrey is brilliant. And I can't even bring myself to listen to Vale Decem without crying...

    And yes, that's interesting about how often William Hartnell (and Patrick Troughton) has appeared in Series 5. Unless it's a coincidence, but I don't believe in them, cos it takes half the fun out of life.

    I shall have to look up the lyrics to Vale Decem and see what it means...