Friday, 6 August 2010

Spore and other things

Right! So, i'm going to have to be quick because I wrote this post before but Blogger didn't want it and threw it out.

Now! Spore. I'm making a mission about a fragment of an ancient races technology landing on a planet. The race is the Banaraxic from the planet Banarax. They were DreamSmiths and Telepathic controllers and the part of there ship is going wrong. Its psionic drive has gone into.......well.........overdrive. This gives your captain in the advenures "Hallucinations". The captain will travel through various different set ups and locations to find out whats going on. After a while, he breaks free and battles the ships computer which is represented by a hologram (Blasted holograms!) Anyway, you win.

Here are two pictures. The first being of a Banaraxic and the second of a test of the crashed ship setup complete with hologram.

I've also been istening to "In the mood" by Glenn Miller alot recently. And I only recently realized his name smooshed down is Gillan, as in Karen Gillan (Although no A). Is it a sign? No, it's a coincedence

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