Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The "Code of the Krillitanes" - Review

Another review, this time of the book, Code of the Krillitanes. This book, by Justin Richards, is a quick read so I managed to finish is in one day. I read quite a bit. The story has the same creatures from the series two episode  "School Reunion". The plot, at first, followed the same basis of School Reunion for some time. I.E. Krillitane using there oils (Blek!) to make kids smart to get something. Apart from that, the story is different. There is no Sarah Jane or school. There is one interesting aspect which should have been focused upon more. In this, the Doctor joins the corporation behind the "Brainy Crisps", I.E. the fried food which makes people smart, and gets his own office. Basically, he lives office life which no doubt could have been interesting if this were an episode or a full length book. The ending is interesting and there plan is different from School Reunion. I enjoyed the ending, especially the modified Krillitane. All in all, its and OK book. Not the best, but its only a quick read so...

2.5 out of 5!

Next up, Autonomy!

In other news, I am watching Doctor Who from the beginning of new series. I've finished Chris and have begun Dave. I am watching The Satan Pit at the moment. I decided to watch these after getting loads of box-sets for Christmas. Unfortunately, I don't have Series 5 so I may have to skip that. 

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  1. Wow one day! Fast reading there-the crisps do sound a bit yucky. Have you got another book in mind for your next review?