Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Greatest Show in the Galaxy!

Hi all! I'm back! I arrived back yesterday but it has taken me time to gather my thoughts. ;)

The Show was fantastic. Getting in wasn't too bad as people who booked online had two rows and although we were far behind on one row we quickly hopped to the other when it was empty and got in quick! The entrance hall was fun as a TARDIS, a Davros, a Weeping Angel and a Cyber Controller had been erected in the middle and it was nice to see them. A good way to start! There were stalls in the entrance hall but they were inaccessible as we waited. As time went on, the queue to get in got worse and worse, with people sprawling and trailing all around the hall. In the end we were half way along the queue although we were at the other side of the room from the entrance. Then we were allowed in. And they just opened the doors! Every one just rushed in! All that waiting for nothing. Still, we got in quickly!

Your voice is different, and yet its arrogance is unchanged... 

Don't even Blink!

At first there was no sign of any guests, we waited and looked around to find who we wanted to see and soon headed off to gather tickets ready for the TV Movie talk. The website had told us that we would only be allowed entrance to one show, but we got some for three! Yeah! So, we headed in and the room must have had about 35 rows of chairs and only 10 had people on. The cast came out quickly and good questions were asked. I must admit I squeed here. :D It was fun to see them up there talking and telling stories.

Afterwards we began are walk around to gather autographs and to look at the stalls. My Brother managed to get Frazer Hines and Deborah Watlings autographs so he was pleased. I ventured off to find Nicholas Briggs who I knew was running a Big Finish stall. When I came around the corner and saw him I quickly jumped back around the corner scared out of my pants. :D I got a bit more courage however and wandered over to the stall and began browsing the CDs, then he came up and asked if I was OK, to that I gave a high pitched "I'm fine" and quickly scampered off. Moments later, furious at my own failure, I marched over and got his attention and asked which Dalek audio's he would recommend. We discussed these for a while and I ended up buy three CDs which he signed for free! Nicholas Briggs is great. He is a Writer, Producer, Director and Actor and multi-talented member of the fan community who has managed to cover loads of areas of Doctor Who. A great role model for a fan. ;)

I had pre-booked autographs with both Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann. At this point I began to head over and find Sylvester McCoy. After five minutes building up the courage to head over, I did and got the autograph fine. I did get a bit annoyed afterwards because I had not talked to him. He was Sylvester McCoy and I missed my opportunity! I just stood speechless! What a womble.

This story generally repeated itself across all the guests. Members of my party did have good talks with Paul McGann, Sophie Aldred, Eric Roberts, Sophia Myles and Keeley Hawes however. I did do well with John Barrowman however when he questioned my shirt, an Avengers one, and we discussed the new movie and the chance of a sequel. Excellent! It was a long and difficult wait in the queues for Barrowman so it was good we had a chat as well. :)

Guests are on the right of each table. Sophia Myles on the right of the far left table, then Simon Fisher-Becker, then Sylvester Mccoy with the red sleeves, then Paul McGann in the blue jacket, then Eliza Roberts and then Eric Roberts at the far end.

John Barrowman there. Picture quality is bad. That's my photography for you. You might want to get used to seeing blurs! :D

Another excellent part was the unofficial people in costume. There were Predators, Daleks, R2-D2s and Stormtroopers all of which were fantastic at interacting with people. The Stormtroopers especially were fantastic at taking photographs with people as instead of letting people have photos standing with them, they got them to go on there knees with there hands behind there heads like they were being arrested. They were really great!

A common sight where StormTroopers were involved!

Dalek Winston!

Rose and the Tenth Doctor

Leela, the Fourth Doctor, Sarah-Jane and the Tenth Doctor! Don't forget the K-9s!

Another part I liked was a man who was dress as the Eleventh Doctor and a man dressed as the Tenth Doctor acted a scene together with a Dalek for children. It was entertaining to watch and the children really enjoyed it!

This lot were great!

Half way through the day I had a photo session with the cast of the TV Movie. Photo Session is the incorrect word however. My Sister described it perfectly as a "Conveyor belt". The actors stayed in the same place we were all slotted in then chucked out again. I was expecting to be able to say Hello! It would have only been more efficient and time saving if they were actually card board cut outs. After my failure in talking to Sylvester McCoy I had hoped this would give me the opportunity to talk to him again. Oh well! Maybe individual photos are more talkative?

This and my own inadequacy at talking were the only problems in the day. It was my first convention so it was fantastic and now I know how to improve it again by bringing questions to ask or things to show off to the Guests so we have something to discuss. But what?

This is my plan for the show in November. This show was quite expensive so we will have to really cut down next time. You can only have a large good thing by cutting down on lots of small good things.

So I have constructed a list of what to do to improve my chances of success next time :D :

  1. Watch my weight a bit. This could help with self confidence.
  2. Get a part time job in the holiday and save money for the convention
  3. Plan things to say and talk about with the Guests next time.
And some more...

Right, so all and all, it was a fantastic weekend and I will never forget it!

Did you go? Did you enjoy it? Have you been to any other conventions you enjoyed?



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